Industrial process analysis is one of the core practices for any successful manufacturing concern, especially breweries and packing plants among many others. High Speed Industrial Cameras are mainly designed to capture events in high speed manufacturing, processing, and packaging environments. These super slow motion cameras are usually placed in industrial settings, like breweries that bottle millions of drinks on a daily basis.

The interesting fact here, a high speed industrial camera can stretch one second of video into 10 minutes of playback. Using this ‘slow motion’ data engineers can monitor, analyze, and rectify errors in their industrial processes quickly.

Industrial process control and analysis using commercial cameras is now routine practice, but offers low accuracy & success rates. Ordinary cameras are designed to capture images at a maximum of 60 fps, while industrial processes monitoring requires frame rates of close to 1’000 fps or sometimes beyond.

AOS Technologies AG’s leading edge PROMON Camera Systems are designed to cater high speed industrial imaging & video applications. Common system applications include packaging of goods, bottling of drinks, food processing, surface inspection, and product processing settings. Read more about AOS high speed camera applications here.

PROMON High Speed Industrial Cameras are designed with superior HD resolution, accurate triggering, superior frame rates, and no data compression. AOS Technologies guarantee that no critical event is ever missed. Thus providing purposeful, swift, and accurate evaluation of industrial events. AOS offers both high speed still cameras, and cutting edge full HD streaming cameras with multiple settings. To view all PROMON Industrial Camera Systems visit our products page.


PROMON is a comprehensive industrial monitoring and analysis system, designed for quick & accurate manufacturing process engineering. Manufactured in Switzerland, these High Speed Industrial cameras provide a complete solution with hardware, accessories and software packaged together so you don’t have to put together individual components.

Our basic PROMON System comes with a complete toolkit for industrial organizations that include:

  • Full HD Resolution Cameras
  • Camera controller
  • LED Lighting
  • Lens
  • AOS Imaging Studio software for PCs – Store data on local machines and manage several cameras from one place
  • Complete monitoring systems with lenses, camera mount, LED lighting, in a rugged storage cases


The PROMON High Speed Camera System from AOS Technologies optimizes condition monitoring bringing some excellent economies to your organization. Increase productivity, reduce maintenance times & costs, and minimize process downtimes with a single PROMON System implementation.


  • Identify causes of malfunctions instantly and repair them effectively
  • Prevent time consuming trial & error, work with real time evidence
  • Maximize process speed and productions rates
  • Visualize delicate process stages, and enable purposeful & rapid “Fine
  • Tuning” of the production line
  • Reduce discussion times, achieve more flexibility, and economy.
  • Document processes at every stage – even over hours. Trace and Track deviations instantly.


Similarly, managing rigorous fast processes actively is essential to any successful industrial setting. Processes must be kept steady, and thoroughly optimized for the benefit of the entire system. This means minimizing downtime’s, while quickly identifying causes of malfunctions and initiating repairs is essential.

AOS Technologies PROMON System is especially designed to facilitate complex industrial process control. PROMON Camera Systems ensure economies of scale and a swift flow of processes by:

  • Optimizing manufacturing processes
  • Reducing discussions and uncertainties
  • Shortening set-up and changeover times
  • Locating causes of malfunction quickly
  • Quantifying and documenting improvements

AOS PROMON System is the best choice for your industry. The AOS PROMON system definitely help you capturing high resolution images at very high speed that will assist you to find production faults, monitoring complex industrial processes and maximizing your production.


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