Monitoring the bottling process in the beverage industy


Bottling lines are running at 30,000 bottles per hour or faster. Deviations or failures are not visible with the human eye, nor can they be recorded with conventional cameras. Without seeing the cause of a malfunction, appropriate corrective action can not be taken.

Critical process stages as well as single components - in this case bottles, caps, labels and cardboard packages - and in the process line itself, are subject to the risk of disturbing the complete process due to small failures and minor discrepancies. Rejects are reaching an unacceptable and costly level.

Process optimization can be difficult; eliminating the cause of malfunctions is pure ‘trial-and-error’. Results are sporadic with shutdowns, increased reject rates, and reduced throughput - cost intensive quality issues.

Suitable high speed camera systems have been used occassionally, but usually such systems have been too expensive, and their operation required special skills.


A PROMON high speed recording system allows the recording of even the fastest events with up to 1,200 frames per second (fps) and the ability to replay in extreme slow motion. This allows a reliable recording and visualization of high-speed details such as damaged parts, parts outside the specifications or sporadic events which otherwise would not be seen by the human eye or conventional cameras. Analysis of the video sequence makes the formerly invisible visible, and corrective actions can be specified and implemented in short order. The effectivness of these activities can be measured and documented with the high speed camera system.

Customer benefit

Only optimized, stable manufacturing processes are generating profit. AOS PROMON systems is the appropriate tool for your maintenance staff, to monitor your processes at any time. In case of a malfunction the cause can be located in a short time and corrective actions can be taken quickly

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