Top view at car to car crash lab

  • Turn-key project realized by AOS Technologies
  • AOS X-MOTION cameras
  • Gigabit Ethernet data interface
  • Compact, low weight
  • Remote controlled lenses
  • Remote operation of cameras
  • Frame synchronisation

AOS Technologies is well known to provide engineering for special turn-key projects. Recently an application with multiple X-MOTION cameras was realized. The purpose was to get a top view at the car to car crash lab. There are three sub-systems, each containing three cameras, a remote controlled lens per camera and one control unit. Every camera is fully remote controllable, feeding back “Armed” and “Triggered” signals and receiving “Remote-Switch-On”, “Set-To-Record” and “Trigger” signals. Image data is transferred by Gigabit Ethernet switches embedded in these three control units. The lenses allow adjusting zoom, focus and aperture remotely from the control room, which is 100 meters away from central camera sub-system. All cameras run in frame synchronisation mode.

Customer Benefit

  • Fail safe system with battery backed up image memory in camera assures data safety
  • Reduced time and costs per test due to central control of cameras, lenses and data acquisition
  • System layout with focus on economical operation
  • Simplified maintenance by use of standard components
  • AOS delivers turn-key system that clearly meets customer targets and expectations

our customers

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KU Leuven
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