X-EMA on-board aircraft

  • X-EMA camera finished evaluation tests inside fighter aircrafts
  • Flight tests were performed up to 35’000 feet
  • X-EMA mounted outside aircraft without climatic protection

The X-EMA camera underwent an extensive evaluation period with a world renowned military aircraft manufacturer. The camera was mounted in several positions including in the aircraft body and under the wings exposed to the natural environment.

The camera was set for multiple sequence recording and with each flight 2-4 sequences have been taken. After the last recording was finished the download to the built in CF card (4 GB) started automatically while the aircraft returned to the base. On arrival of the aircraft the data was already stored in the Compact Flash card. The ground staff connected the Giga Ethernet link to the cameras after arrival and streamed the data to disk. For data security the CF card was removed and stored until the data was transferred to the central archive.

Customer Benefit

  • Multi sequence recording, 2-4 sequences with each flight
  • Automatic download to built-in CF card
  • Dual storage in camera’s internal memory and CF card
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Small size, only 71 x 71 x 138 mm
  • Fast operational procedure with minimum disturbance of test process

We welcome any inputs on projects so we can assist in outlining the best system layout for a specific application. Of course we can always arrange demos on request.

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