High Speed Camera

The J-PRI is a compact 5 Megapixel High Speed Camera

The J-PRI camera comes in three different configurations with up to 2560x1920 pixel and up to
2000 fps. A unique approach allows cameras with basic configurations to record in maximum
configuration with a «Pay-as-you-Record» function.

J-PRI Configuration 1
1500x1125 pixels / 2500fps and higher (by reducing resolution)

J-PRI Configuration 2
2000x1125 pixels / 2500fps and higher (by reducing resolution)

J-PRI Configuration 3

2560x1920 pixels / 2000fps and higher (by reducing resolution)


Buy a 24hr license for Configuration 2 or 3 and record 24hrs with full unlocked camera specs.

Unique features and benefits

• High Resolution 2560 x 1920 @ 2000fps
• Packed with memory – J-PRI is available with memory sizes of 16 / 32 / 64 GB.
• Software – The Imaging Studio v4 software suite leaves nothing to be desired and functions well with the most demanding applications
• PAR: Pay-as-you-Record – Invest in a basic camera and unlock full features by buying a license when needed

PAR - Pay-as you Record. What is the idea?

Pay-as-you-Record is a unique way to ease your budget burdens when investing in high speed cameras.
For many applications you do not always need the ultimate high resolution and framing speed but…
sometimes it is required or nice to have. Why then spending the money on more expensive equipment?
Just pay when you need it!
Read more about it in the brochure you will find on the right side of this page.

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