AOS Imaging Studio v4

High Speed Camera

AOS Technologies AG Imaging Studio v4 (AISv4) is an integrated and comprehensive software suite, easy to operate yet powerful. 

AISv4 combines the latest programing technology with the experience of being the market leader in the high-speed imaging for years. Its sophisticated user interface offers a complete new workflow and understanding of operating high-speed cameras. Control and save all the application relevant camera and recording parameters, including multiple motion detection areas, auto shutter settings and multi buffer features – per camera! Control mixed setups with conventional self-contained high-speed cameras and high-speed streaming cameras. 

Key features

  • Control streaming and self-contained high-speed camera with the same software on the same controller at the same time
  • Simultaneous control of multiple cameras (Global Command)
  • Multi Buffer feature with an unlimited number of buffers with different recording parameters
  • Export and Import Camera settings
  • Export and Import Overlay settings
  • Setup, Record, Edit and Export your recordings – all with AISv4
  • Place a region of interest anywhere on the sensor by having full control over X- and Y- offset
  • Job Manager - export your recordings to RAW4 and AVI at the same scheduled time
  • Multi-Motion Detection, as trigger or event marker
  • Auto exposure, free definable ROI and controls
  • Camcorder mode, use the high-speed streaming camera like a camcorder
  • Multi language support (English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Trigger to picture – auto save an image when trigger button is pressed
  • Open various sequences, synchronize them to the trigger frame and control them all synchronously - easy comparison of time shifted recordings
  • Insert your company logo and export the edited sequence as a AVI for further use
  • "Point and Click" measurement, crosshair and grid overlay

Online Web Application

Have a quick and easy hands-on at our AISv4. Log in to our application server and pilot two PROMON U750 Cameras under real conditions.

For the login data, please contact us.

Optional Feature Packages

  • External Data Service
    Integrate GPS, IRIG-B or other data into the recorded sequence
  • IO Mapping Tool
    Monitor not visible? Control an LED panel that shows the camera status
  • AISv4 as a windows service
    Access it over Ethernet / Wifi from everywhere with the AISv4 Client
  • AOS v4 SDK available on request
  • Multi language support (English, French, Spanish, Korean, German)

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