L-VIT 1000

High Speed Camera

L-VIT 1000 – the rugged, ultra-compact high speed camera
Hi-G-rated for 150+ G, Full HD @ 1000 fps, ready to be used in the most severe environms. A robust high resolution camera for demanding applications in research and development.

The L-VIT 1000 is particularly suited for all applications where a compact, portable, high resolution and robust camera is essential. The highly light-sensitive sensor covers the most ambitious application. The L-VIT 1000 is designed and certified to withstand G-forces in excess of 150 G /11 msec (all axes) and spikes of up to 200 G. Offering a wide range of signals for external control or feedback on camera
status during tests, the L-VIT 1000 is a genuine all-in-one camera. To round it all up, the comprehensive AIS - AOS Imaging Studio V4 allows easy piloting from PC, laptop or tablet PC.


Unique features and benefits

  • Superior image quality – with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution at up to 1000 fps L-VIT 1000 delivers crisp clear images.
  • Ultra compact and all in one – L-VIT 1000 is an ultracompact camera ready to shoot in rugged environments.
  • Sensitivity – High light sensitive sensor ISO 8000 (monochrome), ISO 3600 (color)
  • Extensions – Extensions such as build-in CFast card or HDMI output are available.



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