M-VIT 4000

High Speed Camera

M-VIT 4000 High Speed Camera

Very light sensitive high speed camera HD ready up to 4000 fps.

The M-VIT is an ultra-compact high speed camera particularly suited for situations such as on board vehicular crash test applications. The rugged, sealed camera withstands High-G loads and vibrations. With 1 megapixel at 4000 fps, this highly light sensitive sensor provides crisp clear images even in dim light conditions. The camera is optionally equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery.

Key Features

  • 1280x800 pixel @ up to 4000 fps, higher when reducing fps
  • ISO 6000 with color camera
  • High-G rated and tested by independent test lab
  • Optional: Battery operation


  • Comprehensive I/O functions 
  • Small form factor 
  • Very good price performance ratio 

Unique features and benefits

  • Fast – with 1280 x 800 pixel of up to 4000 fps the M-VIT 4000 provides highly detailed recordings.
  • Very light sensitive – using a sensor with cutting edge pixel technology the M-VIT 4000 offers superb light sensitivity.
  • Onboard ready – the M-VIT 4000 takes shocks of up to 150 g / 11 msec all axis.

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