TMX 6410

High Speed Camera

The Phantom TMX 6410 is designed for extreme high-speed situations.  The back side illuminated (BSI) high-speed CMOS sensor it utilizes delivers the same quality images Phantom Cameras are known for.  

  • 65,940 fps at 1280 x 800
  • Exposure Index:
    • Mono 40,000 - 200,000 D
    • Color 12,500 - 62,500 D
  • Up to 512GB RAM
  • Binning Mode for added flexibility

Key Features

  • 18.5 micron pixel
  • 12-bit depth 
  • CineMag V compatibility 
  • 511 Memory partitions
  • Programmable I/O - Assign and define camera signals

Throughput / Speed

  • 64 Gpx/second
  • Minimum frame rate is 100 fps 
  • Standard Mode Max Speeds:
  • 1280 x 800 is 65,940 fps (full resolution)
  • 1280 x 64 is 758,330 fps 
  • 1280 x 32 - 1.5M fps (FAST option only)
  • Binned Mode Max Speeds:
  • 640 x 384 is 267,640 fps (full resolution)
  • 640 x 128 is 758,330 fps
  • 640 x 64 - 1.5M fps (FAST option only)

The Phantom TMX 6410 utilizes a back side illuminated CMOS sensor designed for high-speed imaging. The 64 Gigapixel throughput allows for extreme frame rate speeds that are capable of delivering up to 1.5M fps with a 95ns minimum exposure time with our FAST option. All frame rates are actual data, with no interpolation, for the most accurate results. This is only possible because of the advancements of utilizing back side illuminated sensors in high-speed imaging.  In BSI sensors, the metal components that can block incident light from the photodiodes are located in the back of the sensor, and can be designed to reduce processing overheads, making the power of a TMX possible.

At the full 1 Mpx resolution of 1280 x 800 the TMX 6410 records at almost 66,000 fps.  The 6410 provides larger resolutions than possible before for applications needing high frame rates. For example, the 6410 can reach over 300,000 fps at 1280 x 160 or 640 x 320 (binned). These incredible speeds mean that data management is vital to ensuring as little downtime as possible. Like other TMX models up to 512GB of onboard RAM and the Phantom CineMag (non-volatile storage) data management options are available. 

The TMX 6410 has access to all of the traditional Phantom features that make camera use easy.  Both on-camera controls and compatibility with our Phantom Camera Control software assist in ensuring that researchers of a variety of industries and applications have the tools they need to make their experiments a success. 

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