VEO 1010

High Speed Camera

The VEO 1010 features the highest light sensitivity in the VEO product line and captures images at 10 Gpx/s. It is available in both L (light) and S (full) body styles, meeting the needs of any research environment. 

  • 8,420 fps at 1280 x 960
  • Exposure Index:
    • Mono 25,000 - 125,000 D
    • Color 6,400 - 32,000 D
  • 18, 36 or 72GB RAM
  • 10Gb Ethernet Download Option

Key Features

  • Binning Mode - frame rate boost at 640 x 480 and below
  • SDI and HDMI video outputs
  • S-Model Includes:
    • CFast 2.0 media
    • 12V battery input
    • On-camera controls
  • Programmable I/O - assign and define camera signals
  • 10Gb Ethernet Connectivity Option

Throughput / Speed

  • 10 Gpx/sec
  • Max speed at full resolution of 1280 x 960 is 8,420 fps 
  • Max speed at reduced resolution 328,420 fps (320 x 12 standard and 320 x 24 binned mode)  
  • Minimum frame rate of 50 fps

The unique imaging features of the VEO 1310 are more accessible in the VEO 1010 model.  A native daylight sensitivity of ISO 25,000 (mono) is combined with low noise of 10 electrons to provide exceptional image quality even in darker environments, requiring less supplemental light. Binning mode is included for a boost in frame rate and ISO at lower resolutions. 

The custom 1.2 Mpx sensor provides more resolution than most 1Mpx high-speed cameras, resulting in a greater active pixel area to capture side-to-side and vertical movement. The VEO 1010 captures over 8,000 fps at full resolution, over 30,000 fps at 640 x 480, a range of frame rates ideal for impact analysis and other areas of industrial motion analysis. 

Interchangeable lens mounts increase flexibility – Nikon F, PL, C and Canon EF (with electronic control) mounts are available. This allows the camera to adapt to high quality and advanced optics that are often required to get the best data of the subject at hand. 

All Phantom VEO cameras utilize the same base housing, milled out of aluminum with sealed components to ensure the camera will continue to perform in harsh outdoor and range environments. As a result, VEO cameras are known for their reliability. 

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