FAST-IR M-Series camera

High Speed IR Camera

The FAST-IR M-Series camera line is the fastest infrared camera line-up available in the MW band. Available in various resolution and ranging from hundreds FPS to more than 3 kFPS, it is the ideal instrument to analyze dynamic events, the FAST-IR infrared cameras allow high-speed thermal imaging with an impressive temporal resolution. Thanks to their cooled sensor, these high-performance infrared cameras are also extremely sensitive, enabling the detection of challenging targets. They self-adjust to rapid temperature changes and have enhanced identification capabilities using spectral characteristics.

FAST-LN2 Series camera features a liquid nitrogen dewar in lieu of the integrated Stirling cooler. Any residual vibrations are therefore totally eliminated. The user may also access the cold filter and cold stop for greater flexibility. Allowing a frame rate up to 1000 FPS in full windows and to 40 kFPS in subwindow, it is the perfect instrument for scientific research.

Key benefits

Ultrahigh Frame Rate
High performance electronics produce thermal images at rates of up to 3 100 fps, depending on the model. Sub-windows can even be acquired at rates higher than 100 000 fps.

High-Speed Internal Memory
Up to 32 GB memory procures reliable recording.

High Sensitivity
Temperature differences as small as 18 mK are detectable.

Advanced Calibration
Unique proprietary real-time processing of infrared
images including NUC, radiometric temperature,
automated exposure control (AEC) and enhanced highdynamic-range imaging (EHDRI). With these unique features, scientists benefit from ease of use and operation flexibility while getting accurate measurements over the entire camera’s operation range.

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