General Purpose Thermography Cameras

High Speed IR Camera

The Telops SPARK line of cooled MWIR cameras are designed for high-performance in general purpose thermography applications. Available in both VGA and HD detector formats, SPARK cameras can be configured to meet your specific measurement requirements. When combined with the powerful yet intuitive RevealIR acquisition software, the user is able to control all aspects of the data collection process. All SPARK cameras feature Telops unique permanent radiometric calibration and the Automatic Exposure Control operating mode. 

Key Benefits

High Frame Rate
High performance electronics enable acquisition of fullframe thermal images at rates of up to 220 fps. Detector subwindows can be used to increase the frame rate over 4,000 fps.
High-Speed Internal Memory
Up to 1 GB rotating buffer memory for reliable recording of high-speed events.
High Sensitivity
Minimum detectable temperature differences as low as 20 mK. 
Advanced Calibration
Telops proprietary permanent radiometric calibration
eliminates the need for the user to acquire reference
blackbody measurements when changing camera
operating parameters. Calibrated data can be displayed in units of radiometric temperature (oC), in-bandradiance (W sr-1 m-2), or in-band irradiance (W m-2). The calibration is valid for any exposure time supported by the detector, enabling advanced features such as Automatic Exposure Control and Enhanced High Dynamic Range Imaging.

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