H-EM System

High Speed Image Streaming Camera

This system consisting of up to four high speed streaming cameras connected to an airborne controller, able to stream image sequences to flash disks for hours.

Camera systems like the H-EM designed for airborne applications need an ultra-solid design and a structure to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of flight. This system can meet the big challenge of immunity to shock, vibration, changes of temperature and moisture.
H-EM is THE solution for long time high speed recordings for aircraft and component testing.

THE MIL 461 (EMI) and MIL 810 / DO160 (environment) certified controller accepts up to 4 H-EM high speed streaming cameras for direct-to-disk recording.  

The H-EM 501 is a high speed camera that connects directly to a recording device via Gigabit Ethernet
link. The camera is configurable by software and can record a maximum of 2 megapixels up to 90 fps. By reducing resolution, the H-EM 501 offers stunning data rates such as 1280 x 720 pixels @ up to 125 fps or 800 x 600 pixels @ up to 300fps. H-EM 501 is fully compliant with GigE Vision standards.
H-EM 501 cameras are available in monochrome, color or as NIR (near infrared) version. Due to a sophisticated algorithm in the camera image frame rates not seen before over a standard Gigabit Ethernet link are achieved. This small compact high speed streaming camera fits into the tightest spaces. Nevertheless H-EM 501 with its camera control software leaves no compromise in view of functionality and analysis compared with competitive high speed cameras. Circular buffer recording, triggering by external discrete signals or by motion detection are available in the standard system. In addition, for longer recording time, you may stream directly to hard disk for minutes or hours making sure to capture the most intermittent events. Easy export of image data to the most common movie formats is one of the many features of the software. Last but not least a basic motion analysis software with automatic tracking features is included.

Unique features for unique environments

  • Rugged – H-EM 501 cameras are designed for use under harsh environments. The small camera fits into tightest spaces and is tested according MIL 810 environmental standards. Camera fits in tight locations or positions not possible before.
  • Long recording times – H-EM 501 records and streams image data directly to your PC RAM or hard disk providing recording times of minutes or even hours. Analyze fast events in detail by taking high speed image data of the full event.
  • One cable – Simply connect a single cable to the camera bearing all required data links. A standard MIL connector assures safe and reliable connection.

The AOS ASTREC-4 for high speed streaming controller takes performance to a new level. The ideal streaming controller for use on-board fixed wing and rotary wing aircrafts supports up to 4 H-EM high speed streaming cameras for direct-to-disk recording for minutes or even hours. The controller operates fan less and is embedded in solid aluminum housing, ready for harsh environments. Multiple I/O features are ready for easy synchronization with the test environment.

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