PROMON Streamer G1

High Speed Image Streaming Camera

The compact footprint makes the Streamer a perfect system for permanent installation on a production line. Beside the high speed recording feature and the long time recording capabilities, the built-in I/Os allow control from PLC - so it’s ready when you need it. The versatile system is available in different variations such as built-in camera, with an additional external camera, or two external cameras. The control software is based on Imaging Studio v4, all features are easy configurable by the software. 

PROMON STREAMER G1 combines the features of a high speed camera with a long record time stand-alone system. The small powerfull fan-less controller with built in camera allows the system to be installed in locations where conventional systems are too large. The PROMON STREAMER G1 controller stores up to 120min of high-speed video data. The system can be configured like a conventional PC System by connecting monitor, mouse and keyboard or via remote Ethernet connection.

PROMON STREAMER G1 is ready for 24/7 operation. The trigger input is directly compatible to PLC logic or switch closing contacts. Data may be stored internally and can be transferred via network to a central archive.

Direct to controller – PROMON STREAMER G1 records and streams image data directly the controller storage without any interaction of a user. Data is instantaneously ready for future analysis or export to standard movie formats.

Long recording times – Recording times of minutes or even hours allow users to capture, analyze and archive a complete process in all detail, important in detecting trends, to catch sporadic and intermittently occurring incidents.

Built for an industrial environment – PROMON STREAMER G1 is a fan-less industrial controller with a small footprint. Start and Stop recording with your PLC – or switch closure.

Image trigger / Event Marker – Extends the versatility of your PROMON system by having the camera
self-trigger or insert an event marker in the image sequence when an incident is visually detected.

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