PROMON USB3 High Speed Streaming

High Speed Image Streaming Camera

The PROMON U series are very competitive entry level high speed camera systems recording directly to PC via USB3.

PROMON U cameras connect directly to PC via USB3 without need for additional cabling. The camera comes with the powerful Imaging Studio V4 software for piloting the camera, recording, playback and export of sequences. Via the software the user can set the system to record into PC DRAM for seconds or setup a video stream directly to hard disk for minutes or even hours.

Depending on the model PROMON U cameras offer stunning data rates of e.g. 1280 x 1024 up to 200 frames/sec and up to 3000 frames/sec when reducing the resolution. The software allows parametrization of different operation modes ranging from taking a quick shot of a single event, capturing intermittent events to a complete 24/7 recording.  Do not miss an event anymore!


Key features

Ultra-small camera head fits into tightest spaces
Single USB3 cable connection
Two in one: high speed camera & streaming system
Extremely economical setup



Extremely easy setup
Wide range of application in industry, sports, education
Single cable, no expensive additions required
Installation of Imaging Studio Software on as many PC as required for playback, sequence analysis and conversion to standard movie formats


Example resolutions and recording times

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