High Speed Image Streaming Camera

The Phantom S200 streams up to 2 Gpx/sec (25 Gbps) throughput by using 4 CXP channels. The S200 delivers the same exceptional Phantom image quality found in all Phantom cameras. This small (76 x 76 x 39 mm) and economical streaming camera is our machine vision series introductory imaging tool. It's compact size makes it ideal for enclosed and small machine spaces.

The camera comes equipped with a GPIO for trigger, event, memgate, strobe, and ready signals. It also comes with time code In/Out with a time stamp on the frame. When capturing images the S200 streams directly into PCI Express frame grabbers or long record time DVRs. Recording is triggered either through the provided software or via the GPIO trigger signal. 

Key Features

  • 0.3Mpx VGA Sensor
  • 11.2 µm pixel size
  • Noise: 6.3e-
  • Dynamic range: 59.7dB
  • Streams up to 2Gpx/sec (25 Gbps)
  • Economical



  • 2Gpx/sec (25 Gbps)
  • Max speed at full resolution of
    640 x 480 is 6,950 fps
  • Minimum resolution speed at 64 x 8 is 75,310

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