Hyper-Cam Mini xLW

Hyperspectral IR Cameras

The Hyper-Cam Mini xLW is an advanced compact infrared hyperspectral imaging system that combines
high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution for remote detection, identification and quantification.

With its small Size, Weight and Power (SWaP), the new Hyper-Cam Mini xLW can be utilized in hard-to-reach
locations to facilitate high-quality infrared spectral imaging measurements.

The Hyper-Cam Mini xLW is sensitive over an expanded spectral range, allowing for the measurement of gas
and mineral targets that were previously out of reach.

Key Features

  • Standoff imaging Fourier-transform spectrometer technology
  • Wide spectral range (7.4 - 12.5 microns)
  • User-selectable spectral resolution up to 4 cm-1 (550 spectral channels)
  • 320 × 256-pixel Stirling-cooled focal plane array detector.
  • Field-of-view (FOV) of 14 × 11° with subwindowing permitting to fit the desired FOV.
  • Removeable SSD 2 TB Data Recording
  • Integrated GPS
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

The Telops Hyper-Cam xLW includes:

  • An optical head
  • A control & processing unit
  • A toughbook computer
  • Integrated calibration sources
  • A 1920 × 1200 visible color camera for recording and co-visualization of the infrared and visible image
  • The Reveal Software Suite
  • A robust tripod mount 

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