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About us

MC-Systems was founded in 1991 and was part of MC-S Holding. During this time we supplied and maintained measurement, registration, and analysis systems or solutions for military, space and civil applications.

These applications included:

Radar registration
Sonar registration
Flight testing
Remote sensing (Reconnaissance)
Wind tunnel testing
High-speed Data gathering
Mass storage
Medical systems
Image applications
Data analysis

MC-Systems continued until 15-06-2004 when the name was changed to MC-S. This was because of a change to a family business, continuing supporting our existing customers but also finding new ones as we focused on special video applications. With representations of the major players in the video world, like AMPEX, Sony Professional & Sony SES we converted to be a premium partner for complete video/data solutions.

Expanding our video capabilities we discovered applications where the need of a high speed video solution was necessary. This brought us in contact with AOS Technologies from Switzerland.

AOS Technologies AG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high speed cameras, high speed streaming systems, fast industrial vision systems offering turn key installations for its broad customer base. AOS products are used by leading companies in their industrial applications, by world class automotive manufacturer around the globe, in in-depth research projects of renowned Universities and last but not least serves as THE high speed measurement device in demanding defense applications such as airborne store separation tests.

We have been representing AOS Technologies, in the Benelux, with customized military and major camera systems at various well know and leading companies since 2004. MC-S made itself one of the major players in the high speed camera industry.

Our other product lines can still be found on our general website. Please have a look at for more information.

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KU Leuven
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