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Insights and Applications in High-Speed Imaging

Explore our comprehensive resource center featuring detailed whitepapers and real-world case studies designed to guide and inform your decision-making process. Whether you’re advancing scientific research, enhancing industrial applications, or capturing stunning slow-motion footage, find out how our high-speed cameras can be the pivotal tool for your success.

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Terrestrial Gamma Ray Case Study Picture 2

Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes

  • Thunderstrikes & Arcs
Understanding Aerosol Generation in the Upper Respiratory Tract case study featured picture

Bursting the Bubble

  • Fluid Movement
machenical bat case study

Virginia Tech Uses High-Speed Cameras to Help Uncover the Secrets of Bat Flight

  • Animal & Human Movement
F16 met Camera's

Adapting Airborne High-Speed Cameras for Different Flight Test Applications

  • Aerospace Airline & Space Station