AOS Imaging Studio v4 (AISv4)

AISv4 combines the latest programing technology with the experience of being the market leader in the high-speed imaging for years. Its sophisticated user interface offers a complete new workflow and understanding of operating high-speed cameras.

AOS Imaging Studio v4 (AISv4)

Explore the advanced capabilities of AOS Imaging Studio v4 (AISv4), a comprehensive and integrated software suite designed for high-speed camera operation. Developed with the latest programming technology and years of market expertise, AISv4 offers a sophisticated and user-friendly interface that ensures a secure and efficient workflow. It’s specifically crafted to enhance your understanding and control of high-speed camera functionalities.

Enhanced Key Features:

  • Unified control of both streaming and self-contained high-speed cameras in diverse setups.

  • Global Command for simultaneous control of multiple cameras.

  • Multi Buffer feature enables unlimited buffers, each with distinct recording parameters.

  • Comprehensive functionality for setup, recording, editing, and exporting with AISv4.

  • Precise region of interest control with adjustable X and Y offsets.

  • Job Manager for scheduled exports in various formats.

  • Advanced Multi-Motion Detection capabilities.

  • Auto exposure, customizable ROI, and controls.

  • Camcorder mode for versatile camera use.

  • Extensive multi-language support.

  • Trigger to picture functionality and custom logo insertion.

  • Intuitive “Point and Click” measurement tools with overlay options.

Product Highlights: AISv4’s interface is meticulously designed for ease of use, providing a seamless experience in managing high-speed camera operations. The software supports mixed camera setups, allowing both streaming and self-contained high-speed cameras to be controlled simultaneously.

Optional Feature Packages:

  • External Data Service for integrating external data like GPS or IRIG-B into recordings.

  • IO Mapping Tool to control LED panels, ideal for setups with non-visible monitors.

  • Remote access through AISv4 as a Windows service, allowing operation over Ethernet/WiFi.

  • Availability of AOS v4 SDK upon request for additional customization.