High-G LED Lights

High-G LED Lights, solid built ultra-bright LED panels for constant illumination. Designed for 150G makes the LED lights ideal to be used in any harsh enviroment.


High-G LED Lights: Engineered for Resilience and Efficiency

In demanding environments where robust and reliable lighting is a critical requirement, our High-G LED Lights stand out as a premier solution. These lights are specifically designed to withstand high G-forces, making them ideal for applications in extreme conditions where standard lights would fail. The durability of these lights is not just a claim but a tested reality; they have been rigorously tested to endure forces up to 100g, ensuring their performance in the most challenging situations.

Moreover, these lights are not just tough, but also highly efficient. They offer bright, consistent illumination, which is essential in tough applications such as industrial settings, high-speed vehicles, and aerospace applications. This makes them a valuable asset in scenarios where both durability and quality of light are paramount.

Complementing these lights is an optional onboard battery, also tested for 100g impact resistance. This battery is a testament to our commitment to provide a comprehensive lighting solution that is not only resilient in the face of physical stress but also self-sufficient. It ensures that the lights remain operational even in situations where external power sources are unreliable or unavailable.

Overall, our High-G LED Lights and the accompanying onboard battery represent a blend of toughness and efficiency, designed for those who need reliable illumination in the most demanding of circumstances.”

This expanded text elaborates on the durability, efficiency, and applications of the High-G LED Lights, as well as the optional battery, emphasizing their suitability for challenging environments.


  • Durability Under Extreme Conditions: Specifically engineered to withstand high G-forces, these lights have been tested and proven to endure up to 100g, making them suitable for extreme environments.

  • Efficiency and Illumination: These lights provide bright, consistent illumination, crucial in demanding applications. They are designed for efficiency, with a LED power of 15W for continuous operation.

  • Power Specifications: They operate with a power input of 24V/15W. The LED power itself is 15W, ensuring efficient and continuous light output.

  • Thermal Protection: There is no need for additional thermal protection, as these lights are built for continuous operation without overheating.

  • Wide Opening Angle: The lights offer a wide opening angle of 100 degrees, which is fixed, to cover a broad area with consistent illumination.

  • Compact Physical Dimensions: Each light unit has dimensions of 75 x 64 x 40 mm, making them compact and suitable for various applications where space is a constraint.

  • Optional Onboard Battery: An optional 100g tested onboard battery is available, providing a self-sufficient power source and ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the absence of external power sources.