GSVitec's MULTILED G9-SET is a high-end LED solution, providing up to 9 lamp heads with advanced strobe functionality, perfect for high-speed imaging and precision applications in challenging environments.


The MULTILED G9-SET, a product of GSVitec’s advanced lighting technology, is a high-G LED solution tailored for challenging and demanding environments. This system is specifically designed to power up to 9 lamp heads, each capable of delivering an impressive 12,000 lumens in continuous output and up to 16,000 lumens in overdrive (pulsed) mode. The G9-SET is particularly suitable for applications requiring both pulsed and continuous light, such as high-speed camera operations and machine vision tasks, where consistent, high-intensity illumination is crucial.

A notable aspect of the MULTILED G9-SET is its exceptional strobe functionality. It offers a strobe via a trigger signal (TTL) with a rise time down to 1 μs and a fall time of 2 μs, providing precise control over lighting effects essential in capturing rapid movements and intricate details. This feature is invaluable in scenarios where capturing fleeting moments with utmost clarity and accuracy is required, such as in high-speed photography or scientific experiments.

The G9-SET’s design includes a changeable battery pack attached to the control unit, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and flexibility in various operational settings. The system is capable of 30 seconds of continuous operation at 100% power with 9 lamp heads, with extended durations possible when pulsed. The inclusion of an OLED display for control and monitoring adds to the user-friendly experience, allowing easy adjustments and real-time monitoring of the system’s performance.

Durability and adaptability are key components of the MULTILED G9-SET’s design. It is shockproof up to 100G, making it suitable for high-impact environments like crash tests. The system’s overheat protection feature, which shuts down an overheated A1 lamp head, can be disabled for critical experiments, ensuring consistent lighting even in extreme conditions.

Highlights & Key Features

  • Multiple Lamp Heads: Can supply power for 1 to 9 “A1” lamp heads.

  • High Luminosity: Each head provides 12,000 lumens in continuous mode and up to 16,000 lumens in overdrive mode (pulsed).

  • Strobe Control: Features strobe via trigger signal (TTL), down to 1 μs rise time and 2 μs fall time.

  • Durable Design: Shockproof up to 100G, making it suitable for rigorous applications.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with an OLED display for control and monitoring.

Technical Specifications

  • Supply Voltage: 48 Vdc.

  • Power Supply: Bundled 48V 40W for charging the mounted G9.

  • Environmental Tolerance: Operational temperature from 0-50°C and storage temperature of -10-60°.

  • Overheat Protection: An overheated A1 will shut down the device, with an option to disable this function for critical experiments.

  • Mounting Options: Bottom ring with M4 slotted holes for flexible installation.

  • Dimensions and Weight: Body diameter 120 mm; mounting ring diameter 150 mm; height 80 mm; approx. weight 2000 g.