The MULTILED L180-xF redefines high-intensity lighting with its staggering 1.8 million lumens output. Tailored for high-speed imaging with advanced strobe capabilities, it offers unparalleled lighting precision and versatility for any application


GSVitec’s MULTILED L180-xF is a cutting-edge high-power LED light, engineered to deliver an astounding 1.8 million lumens in overdrive mode. This luminaire is tailored for low duty cycle pulsed operation, making it an exemplary choice for high-speed cameras and machine vision applications where intense, short bursts of light are required. The strobe capability of the MULTILED L180-xF, reaching down to 250 nanoseconds, is particularly noteworthy, allowing for ultra-fast, high-precision lighting essential in capturing rapid movements and detailed imagery in scientific, industrial, and creative fields.

The versatility of the MULTILED L180-xF is further highlighted by its array of features. It offers both white and color LED options, providing adaptability for various lighting needs. The homogenous illumination ensures even light distribution, vital for applications demanding consistent and high-quality light. Users can choose from a range of changeable lenses, including 15°, 25°, 45°, 75°, and 120° FWHM, allowing for customization of the light spread based on specific requirements.

Designed to meet diverse environmental conditions, the MULTILED L180-xF offers options for IP67 housing and High-G environments. GSVitec’s attention to detail in crafting a flat design, coupled with advanced heat dissipation features, ensures that the L180-xF can operate efficiently in various settings, providing a reliable and robust lighting solution.

Highlights & Key Features

  • Luminous Output: Impressive 1.8 million lm in overdrive, with white and color LED options.

  • Strobe Capability: Advanced strobe down to 250 ns, ideal for capturing high-speed events.

  • Flexibility: Range of interchangeable lenses from 15° to 120° FWHM.

  • Operation Modes: Pulsed operation by TTL pulse duration, optimized for low duty cycle.

  • Mounting and Housing: Customizable options including IP67 and High-G housing.

  • Power Supply: 100 W power supply with a 5 m cable included.

Technical Specifications

  • Overdrive Power: Maximum 30 kW.

  • Supply Voltage: 30 V – 60 V, depending on LED color.

  • Operating Temperature: -25 – 90° C.

  • Storage Temperature: -25 – 90° C.

  • Overheat Protection: Sensor onboard with a safe operating limit of 90° C.

  • IP Rating: Varies based on housing option.

  • Dimensions: 400x300x20 mm.

  • Weight: 500 g without housing.

  • LEDs: 892 LEDs with changeable lenses.