The MULTILED QX redefines professional lighting with its 12,000-lumen output and versatile features. Ideal for high-speed cameras and machine vision, it offers power, precision, and adaptability in a compact, robust design.


The MULTILED QX High Power LED from GSVitec is a testament to advanced lighting technology, designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-speed cameras and machine vision applications. This versatile lighting solution offers an impressive luminous output of 12,000 lumens in white light, making it ideal for a variety of professional settings where precise and powerful illumination is essential. Its compact size and capability for both pulsed and continuous light make it a standout choice for various industrial and creative applications.

The MULTILED QX is not just about illuminating a space; it’s about enhancing the way we capture and visualize the world. With strobe capabilities down to 200 nanoseconds, it allows for capturing ultra-fast movements with exceptional clarity, crucial in scientific research, industrial inspections, and high-speed photography. The range of exchangeable lenses, from a preinstalled 12°x12° to options like 60°x60°, empowers users with the flexibility to tailor the lighting to their specific needs, whether it’s for detailed close-up work or illuminating larger areas.

Designed with user experience in mind, the MULTILED QX integrates seamlessly into various setups, thanks to its standard 1/4-inch thread for photographic accessories and mounting. When connected to the optional MultiLed GX8 controller, the light’s functionality expands, providing users with enhanced control and customization options. This adaptability, combined with its robust construction and active heat dissipation system, makes the MULTILED QX a reliable and versatile lighting tool for professionals seeking the best in high-speed imaging and machine vision technology.

Highlights & Key Features

  • Luminous Output: Powerful 12,000 lumens in white light.

  • LED Configuration: 150W power at 48V.

  • Flexibility: Exchangeable lens options from 12°x12° to 60°x60°.

  • Operation Modes: Suitable for both continuous and pulsed light applications.

  • Mounting: Bottom 1/4-inch standard thread for compatibility with photographic accessories.

  • Power Supply: Standard desktop power supply with a 5m cable included.

  • Heat Management: Active heatsink with two fans.

  • Expandability: Advanced features with the MultiLed GX8 controller.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Consumption: 150W.

  • Supply Voltage: 48 Vdc.

  • Operating Temperature: -25°C – 45°C.

  • Storage Temperature: -25°C – 80°C.

  • Overtemperature Protection: Sensor onboard.

  • IP Rating: IP 20.

  • Dimensions: 78 x 104 x 64 mm.

  • Weight: 650 g.

  • Housing: Aluminium.

  • Light Modes: Continuous and pulsed, with adjustable intensity.