AOS Q-MIZE-EM: Robust, high-resolution camera for extreme environments, meeting MIL standards for defense and inflight applications.


The AOS Technologies Q-MIZE EM camera is a highly specialized high-speed camera designed to operate under some of the most challenging conditions, particularly in military and aerospace applications. Its robust construction ensures compliance with MIL 810 and MIL 461 standards, making it a reliable choice for high-stakes environments like airborne store separation tests.

Its imaging capabilities are impressive, offering 3 MPixel resolution at up to 500 fps and 1300 x 1060 Pixel resolution at up to 1,000 fps. This high-resolution imaging, combined with its super-compact design, makes the Q-MIZE EM exceptionally versatile and suitable for use in confined spaces where traditional high-speed cameras might not fit.

The camera’s built-in rechargeable battery supports true mobile applications and offers an extended battery pack for long-time autonomous operation, up to 2 hours, which is particularly beneficial for field operations. The Gigabit Ethernet interface and IRIG-B time stamping enhance its connectivity and synchronization capabilities.

Auto Exposure control and options for video output in SDI or PAL/NTSC formats add to its flexibility, allowing for a wide range of use cases and settings. Moreover, the Q-MIZE EM’s ability to be customized in terms of interface signals, connectors, and housing, means it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of various applications, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

In summary, the Q-MIZE EM from AOS Technologies is a compact, adaptable, and robust high-speed camera, engineered to deliver high-quality imaging in some of the toughest environments, making it an ideal choice for professionals in defense, aerospace, and other sectors requiring reliable high-speed imaging solutions.

  • High-Resolution Imaging: 3 MPixel (1696 x 1710 pixel) up to 500fps, and 1300 x 1060 Pixel up to 1,000fps.

  • Compact and Portable: Super-compact design, fitting into the tightest spaces, perfect for mobile applications.

  • Battery and Power: Built-in rechargeable battery for mobile use and extended battery pack for up to 2 hours of autonomous operation.

  • Connectivity and Control: Gigabit Ethernet interface, IRIG-B time stamping, and Auto Exposure control.

  • Durability: High-G rated and MIL810 tested by an independent lab, ensuring resilience in harsh environments.

  • Output Options: Video output available in SDI or PAL/NTSC formats.


  • MIL Standard Certification: Certified to MIL 810 / MIL 461 standards, affirming its suitability for demanding military applications.

  • User-Specific Customization: Offers a wide variety of functions and design customizations to meet specific operational needs.

  • Exceptional Image Quality: Incorporates a high-accuracy image reconstruction algorithm for superb image quality at high resolutions.

  • Environmental Resistance: Designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, from high altitudes to severe weather scenarios.

  • Versatile Mounting and Interface Options: Supports various mounting and interface options, including C-Mount and optional F-Mount, for flexible deployment.

The Q-MIZE EM camera stands out for its robustness, high-speed capabilities, and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for professionals in defense and aerospace sectors.

FPS and Resolution

Resolution 1696 x 1710 1360 x 1024 1280 x 720 900 x700 512 x 512 320 x 240 256 x 256 128 x 128
FPS 500 1.000 1.500 2.000 4.290 12.000 12.700 32.450