VisiSize P15+ Droplet Sizing and Characterization System

The VisiSize P15+ is a compact, portable droplet sizing system from Oxford Lasers, providing real-time analysis of droplet size, shape, and velocity. Ideal for both field and lab use, it offers comprehensive and accurate measurements with ease.


The VisiSize P15+ is the most compact model in the VisiSize range, designed as a complete, portable droplet and particle size measurement tool for real-time spray analysis. Ideal for use both in the field and in the laboratory, the VisiSize P15+ provides lab-quality, comprehensive droplet and particle sizing analysis with the convenience of portability. This integrated system features a simple ‘Plug in and Play’ setup, enabling fast and effective measurement of droplet size, shape, and velocity.

Housed in a one-piece, sealed aluminum enclosure, the VisiSize P15+ is waterproof and robust, ensuring durability in various environments. It provides accurate particle and droplet diameter distribution data and captures close-up images of spray formation and breakup processes, offering unparalleled insight for research and troubleshooting applications. This unique capability distinguishes the VisiSize P15+ from other droplet sizing systems, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in numerous industries.

Key Features

  • Portable System: Lightweight and compact design for easy portability.

  • High-Resolution Imaging: Online high-resolution camera capable of analyzing up to 15,000 particles per second in real-time.

  • Waterproof Enclosure: Rated IP67 for reliable operation in diverse conditions.

  • Flexible Cable Length: Standard 5m cable length with an optional 25m extension.

  • Extensive Measurement Capabilities: Analyzes droplet and particle size and velocity with detailed statistical reporting.

Technical Specifications

  • Particle Size Range: >10µm

  • Maximum Particle Velocity: 30m/s (for 50µm diameter particles)

  • Image Source: Online high-resolution camera, up to 15,000 particles/second in real-time mode

  • Spray Protection: Waterproof enclosure, rated IP67

  • Cable Length (Power and Controller): 5m (25m optional)

  • Dimensions:

    • Closed: 610mm W x 100mm D x 190mm H

    • Fully Extended: 895mm W x 100mm D x 190mm H

  • Weight:

    • System: 9.7kg

    • Shipping Weight: 19kg (with case and accessories)

  • Analysis Measurements: Droplet and particle size and velocity; statistics include mean diameter (by number, area, or volume), Sauter mean diameter, volume percentiles (10%, 50%, 90%), deviation, and relative span