The MULTILED G-S8 by GSVitec revolutionizes high-speed camera macro applications with its ultra-fast strobe capabilities and synchronized LED heads, offering unparalleled precision and intensity in professional imaging.


The MULTILED G-S8, developed by GSVitec, is a state-of-the-art high-power LED system designed for macro- and microscopy applications, making it an ideal substitute for laser-based lighting. This system stands out for its exceptional capability in pulsed light down to 50ns for color LEDs and 100ns for white LEDs. This feature is particularly significant for high-speed camera applications where capturing fast-moving objects with utmost precision is crucial. The G-S8 is touted as the ultimate LED solution for high-speed camera macro applications, reflecting GSVitec’s expertise in creating specialized lighting solutions.

One of the key features of the MULTILED G-S8 is its ability to synchronize up to 8 separate LED heads, providing up to 120 million Lux at the focus point. This high degree of synchronization, combined with ultra-fast strobe capabilities, makes it an incredibly powerful tool for capturing images at extremely high speeds or with very short exposure times. The system’s active cooling allows for a 5% duty cycle continuously with white LEDs and 10% with color LEDs, ensuring the lights maintain optimal performance during intensive use.

Designed for versatility and ease of use, the MULTILED G-S8 comes with a touchscreen controller for easy configuration, allowing users to adjust settings to match their specific requirements. The system’s flexible mounting options and fixed standard lenses further add to its adaptability in various professional settings.

Highlights & Key Features

  • Ultra-Fast Strobe: Pulsed light down to 50ns for color LEDs and 100ns for white LEDs.

  • Intense Illumination: Up to 120 million Lux in focus with 8 heads, adjustable based on LED color and working distance.

  • Versatile Setup: Ability to position up to 8 S3/xf LED heads freely around the application.

  • Cooling and Duty Cycle: Integrated active cooling; 5% duty cycle continuously for white LEDs, 10% for color LEDs.

  • Control: Touchscreen controller for configuration, with BNC TTL pulse width control up to 1.4 MHz.

Technical Specifications

  • Emitter: 14 High Power LEDs per head.

  • Power Consumption: 8 x 450 W (white internally).

  • Supply Voltage: 48 V.

  • Luminous Flux: 8 x 27,500 lm (white).

  • Operating Temperature: -25° – 40° C (depending on duty cycle).

  • Storage Temperature: -25° – 80° C.

  • Overheat Protection: Sensors on board, turns off at 70°C.

  • Environmental Protection: Rated as IP 20.

  • Dimensions: LED head: 52 x 68 x 81 mm; Controller: 200 x 135 x 52 mm.

  • Weight: 1,800 g.