The MULTILED R-Series by GSVitec offers unmatched illumination for macro and microscopy. With its advanced strobe capabilities and flexible design, it stands as the ultimate solution for high-speed camera applications, ensuring perfect image quality.


The MULTILED R-Series, designed by GSVitec, is a high-power LED lighting solution optimized for macro and microscopy applications. This series is particularly notable for its pulsed or continuous light capabilities, making it an ideal choice for high-speed camera macro applications. The R-Series is equipped to deliver several million Lux at the focus point, providing exceptional illumination for capturing detailed and high-quality images.

A standout feature of the R-Series is its strobe capabilities, with BNC TTL pulse width control up to 30 kHz. This enables precise control over the light’s duration and intensity, essential for capturing fast-moving objects in high-speed photography and other applications where timing and light control are critical. The series offers different models, like the R100 and R200, each with unique specifications to cater to varied professional needs.

Highlights & Key Features

  • Luminous Output: R200 provides 18,000 lumens and R100 up to 10,000 lumens, with options for color LEDs.

  • Strobe Capability: Advanced strobe control with BNC TTL pulse width up to 30 kHz, offering precise timing adjustments.

  • Flexible Design: Inner diameter of 78 mm and outer diameter of 140 mm, with 1/4“ threads for easy mounting.

  • Cooling and Duty Cycle: Passively cooled with a 10% duty cycle continuously, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Mounting Options: Flexible mounting options with standard and alternative lenses for varied application needs

Technical Specifications

  • Power Consumption: R200 – 180W; R100 – 150W.

  • Supply Voltage: 24 Vdc for both models.

  • Operating Temperatures: 0-40° C.

  • Overheat Protection: Thermo switch with automatic turn-off at 80°C and reactivation below 60°C.

  • Environmental Protection: Rated as IP 20.

  • Dimensions and Weight: R200 – 950 g; R100 – 11 kg.

  • Rise/Fall Time: 55 µs / 3 µs, facilitating fast response times for high-speed imaging.