The MULTILED MX - offering a monumental 50,000 lumens in white and 220,000 mW in blue. Designed for high-speed cameras and machine vision, this LED light brings exceptional power and versatility to professional lighting needs.


The MULTILED MX from GSVitec epitomizes the pinnacle of high-power LED lighting technology. This exceptional product is meticulously engineered to serve the most demanding applications in high-speed cameras and machine vision, offering an unparalleled combination of intensity and versatility. With its remarkable luminous output of 50,000 lumens in white and an intense 220,000 mW in blue, the MULTILED MX sets a new standard in the industry, being three times more intense than its predecessor, the MT model.

Designed for precision and adaptability, the MULTILED MX is not just a light source but a comprehensive lighting solution. Its small size belies its powerful capabilities, making it an ideal choice for professional environments where space is at a premium but high-quality, intense illumination is a necessity. Whether used in industrial settings, scientific research, or creative applications, the MULTILED MX delivers consistent, high-quality light, ensuring optimal results in every use case.

The light’s versatility is further enhanced by its ability to switch between pulsed and continuous light modes, providing users with the flexibility to adapt to different lighting requirements. The strobe capability down to 200 nanoseconds allows for precise control over light exposure, essential in high-speed photography and detailed machine vision tasks. Moreover, the variety of interchangeable lenses, ranging from 12°x12° to 60°x60°, enables users to customize the light spread according to their specific needs, ensuring that the MULTILED MX can be tailored to a wide array of applications.

The MULTILED MX is not only powerful but also designed with durability and ease of use in mind. Its robust aluminium housing ensures it can withstand the rigors of demanding professional environments. The inclusion of both bottom and top 3/8-inch standard threads allows for versatile mounting options, making it easy to integrate into existing setups. When connected to the MultiLed G8 controller, the MULTILED MX opens up even more functionalities, allowing users to exploit its full potential and tailor its performance to their precise requirements.

Highlights & Key Features

  • Luminous Output: A massive 50,000 lumens in white and 220,000 mW in blue LED.

  • Flexibility: Exchangeable lenses for varied applications, including preinstalled 12°x12° and additional lenses ranging from 25°x25° to 60°x60°.

  • Operation Modes: Suitable for both continuous and pulsed operation with a strobe capability down to 200 nanoseconds.

  • Mounting: Features both bottom and top 3/8-inch standard threads for versatile mounting and compatibility with photographic accessories.

  • Expandability: Enhanced functionality when connected to the MultiLed G8 controller.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Consumption: 550W.

  • Supply Voltage: 48 Vdc.

  • Operating Temperature: -25°C – 45°C.

  • Storage Temperature: -25°C – 80°C.

  • Overtemperature Protection: Sensor onboard.

  • IP Rating: IP 20 for environmental protection.

  • Housing: Robust aluminium construction.

  • Light Modes: Offers continuous pulse duration and flank mode with predefined strobe time.

  • Light Intensity: Adjustable from 2% to 100%.

  • Dimensions: 207 x 140 x 88 mm.

  • Weight: 1.950 g.