Phantom T2540

The Phantom T2540, a 4.2 Mpx, 25Gpx/s high-speed camera, combines compact design and advanced workflow features, making it ideal for detailed motion analysis in diverse environments.


The Phantom T2540, a 4.2 Mpx high-speed camera boasting a 25Gpx/s throughput, seamlessly blends compact size with sophisticated workflow features, standing out as an exemplary choice for advanced motion analysis in various environments. It’s a fresh addition to our T-Series, presenting a lower frame rate alternative to the T4040 unveiled earlier.

Featuring a 4.2 MPX BSI sensor, the T2540 accomplishes over 5,800 fps at a resolution of 2560 x 1664 and can reach up to 277,000 fps when reduced. The camera’s specifications also highlight a sensitivity quantum efficiency of 85.4% in mono and 71% in color, with binned modes achieving 82.4%. Memory options include 64, 128, or 256GB RAM, and with the FAST option, it enables a minimum exposure of 250ns.

CineMag compatibility is another notable attribute, providing both swift and secure data download from RAM and facilitating direct recording for applications requiring extended recording times. Additional supported features encompass Binned mode, which amalgamates pixels in a 2X2 format for amplified flexibility at 1MPX and below, EDR to counteract flash, 10Gb Ethernet, and programmable I/O.


  1. High-Speed Imaging Power:

    • Delivers impressive 25Gpx/s imaging power.

    • Capable of capturing 5.840 frames per second at full resolution of 2560 x 1664.

  2. Peak Quantum Efficiency:

    • Boasts a Quantum Efficiency rating above 90%.

    • Ensures optimal image capture even at low light levels.

  3. Enhanced Accuracy with 4Mpx Imaging:

    • Significantly increases accuracy for tracking algorithms.

    • Offers superior pixel resolution suitable for techniques like Digital Image Correlation (DIC).

    • Facilitates precise rendition of particle movement and shape, especially in impact studies.

  4. Versatile Application with Premium Features:

    • Binned Mode: Combines pixels to enhance the vertical resolution, especially beneficial at the camera’s top frame rates at 1MPX and below, available in color and mono.

    • EDR (Extreme Dynamic Range): Mitigates the effects of bright flashes by dynamically adjusting exposure in saturated image areas.

    • Programmable I/O: Interfaces seamlessly with DAQ systems and various measurement sensors, supporting metadata recording and viewing in Cine files.

    • On-Camera Controls: Features on-camera controls, video output, and CineMag, facilitating remote and standalone operation.

  5. Key Features Summary:

    • Binning Mode improves frame rate at resolutions of 1280 x 832 and below.

    • Offers compatibility with CineMag.

    • Provides both SDI and HDMI video outputs.

    • Enables assignment and definition of camera signals through Programmable I/O.

    • Includes a 10Gb Ethernet.

The Phantom T2540 is distinguished by its high-speed imaging prowess, ensuring adept performance in varied applications, from accurate tracking and impact studies to versatile imaging in diverse lighting conditions and settings. It balances robust features with intuitive controls to deliver efficient, high-resolution imaging solutions.

FPS and Resolution in Standard Mode

Resolution 2560 x 1664 1536 x 1536 2560 x 1440 2048 x 1152 2560 x 256 2560 x 32
FPS 5.840 6.330 6.750 8.440 37.590 277.770

FPS and Resolution in Binned Mode

Resolution 1280 x 832 1280 x 640 1024 x 512 768 x 256 1280 x 128 1280 x 64
FPS 23.250 30.120 37.590 74.620 142.850 277.770