Phantom T4040

The Phantom T4040 camera records at an impressive 9,350 fps at a high resolution of 2560 x 1664. Operators are able to capture the highest combination of resolution and speed possible.


The Phantom T4040 camera boasts unprecedented speed and resolution capabilities. This cutting-edge device captures 4Mpx resolution images at previously unattainable speeds. Its proprietary sensor, utilizing a back side illuminated architecture, maintains a 40Gpx/s data throughput and an impressive maximum frame rate of 440,000 fps. Additionally, the sensor boasts a peak Quantum Efficiency rating above 90%, ensuring that the camera can capture images in low-light environments.

The increased resolution of the T4040, compared to traditional 1Mpx high-speed cameras, provides significant benefits for applications that require a high level of detail or for objects that move across a larger field of view. Flow Visualization techniques, such as Particle Image Velocimetry, are enhanced by the camera’s precise rendition of particle shape, size, and location. Researchers also benefit from the increased resolution for Digital Image Correlation, as it allows for the collection of more data over a larger surface area.

With a pixel size of 9.27 µm, the T4040 is an ideal choice for subjects that require high magnification, from the biomechanical study of insect wing movement to the high-tech world of microchip development. The camera’s compact T-Series body offers lens mount options that can easily connect to specialized optics.

The T4040 also includes EDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) technology, which dynamically adjusts exposure in saturated areas of the image to mitigate the impact of bright flashes. This camera is equipped with on-camera controls, video outputs, and CineMag capability, making it suitable for remote and standalone operation.

BSI Technology

BSI technology is a powerful feature that enhances processing efficiency in Phantom T4040 cameras, allowing them to maintain high throughput levels even when frame rates increase. With a throughput of up to 40 gigapixels, the T4040 is capable of capturing 9.350 fps at a its full resolution of 2560 x 1664 pixels. It can also record at over 400,000 fps in standard and binned mode.

The BSI technology used in Phantom T4040 cameras provides superior sensitivity and image quality by placing the light-sensitive pixels at the back of the sensor, while the electronic components are on the front side. This arrangement allows more light to reach each pixel, resulting in improved low-light performance and a higher signal-to-noise ratio. Furthermore, the use of BSI sensors enables the camera to have a smaller and thinner design.

To learn more about how BSI technology has revolutionized high-speed imaging, check out our whitepaper on BSI Sensor Technology.

As with any high-speed camera, increased frame rates demand more light. The Phantom T4040 camera’s unique backside illuminated sensor deals with this issue by relocating the metal parts that can interfere with incident light to the photo-diode to the back of the sensor. This relocation enables more light to reach each pixel, enhancing light sensitivity and Quantum Efficiency (QE).


  • 9.350 fps at full 2560 x 1664 resolution

  • Sensitivity: Quantum Efficiency*

    • Mono: 85.4%; Binned 82.4%

    • Color: 71%

  • 39.8 Gpx/second

  • 64GB, 128GB, 256GB high-speed internal RAM

  • Binning Mode – frame rate boost at 1280 x 832 and below

  • 9.27 µm pixel

  • 12-bit depth

  • CineMag V Compatibility

  • SDI and HDMI video outputs

  • Programmable I/O – Assign and define camera signals

  • 10Gb Ethernet Included

<sub>*QExFF at 532nm/<sub>

FPS and Resolution in Standard Mode

Resolution 2560 x 1664 1536 x 1536 2560 x 1440 2048 x 1152 2560 x 256 2560 x 32
FPS 9.350 10.130 10.810 13.510 60.500 444.440

FPS and Resolution in Binned Mode

Resolution 1280 x 832 1280 x 640 1024 x 512 768 x 256 1280 x 128 1280 x 64
FPS 37.200 48.190 60.150 119.400 228.570 444.440