Phantom VEO-E 340L

Phantom VEO-E 340L: 35mm 4-Mpx high-speed sensor (3 Gpx/s). Ideal for lab research, microscopy, and interchangeable lenses (Nikon, PL, C, Canon EF). Lightweight milled aluminum body, sealed electronics for protection.


The Phantom VEO-E 340L features a custom 35mm 4-Mpx high-speed sensor with a remarkable throughput of 3 Gpx/s. This enhanced pixel resolution makes it an excellent choice for various laboratory research applications, particularly in microscopy and capturing small subjects with intricate details or those requiring increased magnification.

Flexibility is a crucial aspect of any research tool in a college or university setting. The VEO-E camera achieves this through its interchangeable lens mounts, empowering users to select the most suitable lens for each specific activity. Compatible with Nikon, PL, C, and Canon EF (with electronic control) lenses, switching between them is both effortless and swift.

Crafted from milled aluminum, the VEO-E camera body is designed to be exceptionally lightweight. As the lightest among the VEO series, the E body style weighs only 4 lbs/1.8 kg, while effectively safeguarding the camera’s most sensitive internal components. Additionally, the electronics are sealed to prevent airflow and minimize the risk of dust accumulation on the sensor.


  • Custom 35mm 4-Mpx high-speed sensor with 3 Gpx/s throughput.

  • 2560 x 1600 pixels with 800fps.

  • Sensitivity: Quantum Efficiency*

    • Mono: 60.2%

    • Color: 43.6%

  • 10 µm pixel size

  • Increased pixel resolution for excellent performance in laboratory research, especially microscopy and capturing small subjects with fine detail and increased magnification.

  • 18 or 36 RAM

  • Flexibility through interchangeable lens mounts, allowing users to choose the best lens for different activities. Compatible with Nikon, PL, C, and Canon EF (with electronic control) lenses.

  • Lightweight milled aluminum construction, with the E body style weighing only 4 lbs/1.8 kg.

  • 20% smaller and lighter than the core VEO models

  • Effective protection of sensitive internal components by the camera’s design.

  • Sealed electronics to prevent airflow and reduce the possibility of dust collecting on the sensor.

  • Designed for an efficient and easy set-up with industry standard connections

  • Cost-effective for laboratories and academic institutions

<sub>*Standard Model. 340L-E225 model is limited to 225,000 fps. </sub>

FPS and Resolution

Resolution 2560 x 1600 1600 x 1600 2048 x 1080 1280 x 720 640 x 480 128 x 4
FPS 800 1.190 1.460 3.310 8.570 287.000*
*Standard Model. 340L-E225 model is limited to 225,000 fps.