TEMA Classic

TEMA Classic, the premier software suite for advanced motion analysis, renowned for its precision in 2D and 3D tracking and robust lens calibration capabilities. Ideal for diverse applications in research, sports, automotive, and aeronautics.


TEMA Classic is a leading software suite in the field of advanced motion analysis, widely utilized in research and industry. Known for its high accuracy, modular structure, and fast calculation capabilities, TEMA Classic is especially popular in sports performance improvement and automotive and aeronautical industries for trajectory tracking. The software’s diverse tracking algorithms, based on pattern recognition and levels of grey, enable sub-pixel accuracy tracking in a wide range of applications, from smartphone drop tests to complex industrial processes​​.

Key Features and Highlights:

  1. Versatile Tracking Algorithms: TEMA Classic’s wide library includes correlation, quadrant, virtual points, center of gravity, circular symmetry, and more, facilitating tracking in various conditions without requiring markers​.

  2. Lens Calibration for Accuracy: It offers sophisticated lens calibration using the Planar Target Calibration Board, ensuring the accuracy of tracked parameters like focal length, principal point, aspect ratio, and lens distortion​.

  3. 3D Wand Calibration: This feature enables simultaneous calibration of orientation, distortion, and focal length of all cameras in a scene, making the process automated, fast, and accurate​.

  4. 2D Analysis Capabilities: TEMA Classic excels in 2D analysis, crucial for applications like sled crash tests in the automotive industry. It dynamically handles object tracking, multiple parallel motion planes, and perspective correction​.

  5. 3D Analysis for Complex Applications: The software contains algorithms for 3D tracking with up to 0.01 pixel accuracy, useful in applications like missile launch tracking. It also allows for dynamic camera orientation and the creation of reference frames attached to projectiles​.

  6. 6DoF Analysis: TEMA Classic provides a flexible and cost-effective 6DoF tracking solution, calculating 3D trajectory, velocity, acceleration, and orientation of objects like drones from a single camera view​​.

  7. Static 3D Capabilities: The Static 3D feature is adept at generating 3D models and measurement data from static objects and environments using still imagery. This feature is particularly useful in marine engineering and other large-scale measurements​.


  • Market-leading motion analysis software with a global user base.

  • Sub-pixel accuracy in tracking, ideal for detailed motion analysis.

  • Wide array of tracking algorithms suitable for diverse scenarios.

  • Advanced calibration techniques for enhanced precision.

  • Robust 2D and 3D analysis capabilities for a range of applications.

  • Single camera solution for 6DoF analysis, enhancing cost-effectiveness.

  • High precision 3D modeling with retroactive measurement capabilities.