TEMA Pro is a market-leading software suite for advanced Motion Analysis tests in research and industry. It has a wide library of Point, Outline and Deformation tracking algorithms included in its default package.


Product Description: TEMA Pro, developed by Image Systems Nordic AB, stands at the forefront of advanced motion analysis software, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for a broad spectrum of applications. Its versatility extends from rigorous scientific research to industrial testing, sports performance analysis, and enhancements in the automotive and aeronautical sectors.

Key elements contributing to TEMA Pro’s distinction include its modular structure, rapid calculation capabilities, and an intuitive user interface that caters to professionals worldwide. The software’s comprehensive library boasts a plethora of tracking algorithms, allowing users to track a wide range of objects under various conditions, thus enabling precise and detailed motion analysis​​.

Key Features and Highlights:

  1. 6DoF Analysis: TEMA Pro’s 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) analysis is exceptionally suited for applications requiring detailed analysis of rigid body behavior, such as pedestrian impacts, crash tests, and more. It can integrate 3D models and CAD drawings for realistic representations, thereby providing a sophisticated level of detail in motion analysis​.

  2. Unmatched Tracking Accuracy: TEMA Pro stands out with its 0.01 pixel tracking accuracy. This precision is particularly beneficial in applications like crash tests, where over-determination of points ensures superior accuracy​​.

  3. Comprehensive 2D and 3D Analysis: The software is equipped for both 2D and 3D analysis, allowing users to track markers or objects and calculate essential metrics such as velocity, acceleration, distances, and angles. This functionality is pivotal in applications ranging from heart valve analysis to bubble tracking​​.

  4. Digital Image Correlation (DIC): The DIC feature in TEMA Pro is a game-changer for surface deformation and strain analyses. It tracks the movement and deformation of patterns on objects, making it an indispensable tool in material characterization and biomechanical studies​​.

  5. Advanced Calibration and Tracking Techniques: TEMA Pro offers sophisticated calibration options for lenses and cameras, ensuring high-quality tracking results. This includes features like perspective correction (2.5D) to enhance the accuracy of the end results​​.

  6. Dynamic Data Visualization and Export Options: The software enables users to visualize results in various formats, including tables, diagrams, and animated sequences. This flexibility in data presentation aids in comprehensive reporting and analysis, making it easier to interpret complex motion data​​.

  7. Wide Application Range: TEMA Pro’s utility spans diverse fields. It’s instrumental in automotive airbag testing, providing detailed analysis of deployment dynamics. In sports biomechanics, it helps in optimizing athletic performance. The software is also used in space research, demonstrating its capability in highly specialized areas


  • State-of-the-art motion analysis software with global applicability.

  • High-speed, accurate data processing for real-time analysis.

  • Extensive tracking algorithm library for diverse scenarios.

  • User-friendly interface for efficient operation.

  • Realistic 3D modeling and analysis for enhanced insight.

  • Essential tool for scientific, industrial, and sports-related research.