AOS A-LED-W150HG Fanless and High-g Lights: Advanced, ultra-bright LED lights offering versatile modes, fanless design for quiet operation, and powerful illumination with 13,000 lux intensity.


The A-LED Fanless and High-g High Power Strobe LED Lights from AOS redefine lighting solutions for demanding environments. These lights are meticulously engineered to deliver ultra-bright illumination while being fanless for quiet and efficient operation. The heart of these lights lies in their ultra-bright LED clusters, which are supported by state-of-the-art control electronics for precise and versatile lighting.

A standout feature of the A-LED W150HG model is its ability to operate in both continuous and strobed modes. This versatility makes them perfect for a range of applications, from industrial use to high-speed photography. The strobed mode can be synchronized with high-speed cameras, offering unparalleled flexibility for capturing images in motion with great clarity and detail.

These lights are not only high-performing but also economically viable. They provide flexible lighting solutions without compromising on quality or durability, making them a cost-effective choice for various settings. The remote on functionality is especially beneficial in situations where access to the light is limited, allowing for ease of operation and enhanced convenience.

Technical specifications further enhance the appeal of these lights:

  • Power Input: They operate on a power input of 24V/160W, balancing high power output with energy efficiency.

  • Light Intensity: With a light intensity of 13,000 lux at a 1-meter distance, they offer powerful illumination to brighten up large areas effectively.

  • Weight: Weighing 5.5kg, these lights are robust yet manageable, making them suitable for both fixed and dynamic setups.

  • Max Strobe Frequency: They can reach a maximum strobe frequency of 5000Hz, ideal for high-speed applications.

  • Minimum Pulse Duration: The minimum pulse duration of 40 microseconds allows for precise lighting control.

  • Fanless Passive Cooling: The fanless design with passive cooling ensures quiet operation and reduces maintenance needs, making them ideal for noise-sensitive environments.


  • Ultra-Bright LED Clusters: Ensures superior illumination for various applications.

  • Continuous and Strobed Modes: Versatile operation modes, including synchronization with high-speed cameras.

  • Fanless Design: Offers quiet, efficient operation with passive cooling.

  • Remote On Functionality: Allows easy control in hard-to-reach installations.

  • High Power and Efficiency: Operates on 24V/160W, providing intense light with energy efficiency.

  • Powerful Light Intensity: Delivers 13,000 lux at 1 meter, lighting up large areas effectively.

  • Robust and Portable: Weighs 5.5kg, blending durability with portability.

  • High-Speed Capability: Max strobe frequency of 5000Hz, suitable for capturing fast-moving subjects.

  • Precision Lighting Control: Minimum pulse duration of 40 microseconds for accurate lighting adjustments.