AOS General LED Illumination

AOS A-LED-W150HG Fanless and High-g Lights: Advanced, ultra-bright LED lights offering versatile modes, fanless design for quiet operation, and powerful illumination with 13,000 lux intensity.


The Bright Illumination LED Light-Series is designed for applications where efficient and reliable lighting is paramount. These lights are not just luminous but also versatile, capable of being mounted on tripods or custom structures, thanks to additional threading options. This adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of environments and applications.

One of the key features of this series is its wide power requirement range of 100-240VAC, making them compatible with various power sources and ideal for different geographic locations. The lights come in different wattages – 40W, 60W, and 160W, allowing for flexibility in choosing the right intensity for specific needs.

The light intensity varies accordingly, with options of 3780 lux, 6300 lux, and 16200 lux. This range ensures that there is a light suitable for every requirement, whether it’s for subtle ambiance or bright, focused illumination. The fanless cooling design is a significant advantage, ensuring silent operation and reduced maintenance, making these lights ideal for environments where noise is a concern.

Another notable feature is the operating temperature range of -40C to +50C. This wide range ensures that the lights perform reliably in extreme conditions, be it freezing cold or sweltering heat. The lens material is made of borosilicate glass, known for its durability and resistance to thermal shock, further enhancing the robustness of these lights.


  • Versatile Mounting Options: Compatible with tripods and custom structures for flexible installation.

  • Wide Power Requirement Range: Operates on 100-240VAC, suitable for diverse power sources.

  • Variety in Wattage and Intensity: Available in 40W, 60W, and 160W with light intensities of 3780 lux, 6300 lux, and 16200 lux.

  • Fanless Cooling Design: Ensures quiet operation and minimal maintenance.

  • Extreme Temperature Operation: Reliable performance in temperatures ranging from -40C to +50C.

  • Durable Lens Material: Borosilicate glass lenses for enhanced durability and thermal shock resistance.