Phantom TE2010

The Phantom TE2010 is a compact camera, easy to set up, capturing 20,000 fps at 1 Mpx and over 1M fps at lower resolution with the FAST option, ensured premium image quality by BSI sensor technology.


Embark on a pioneering journey in high-speed imaging with Vision Research’s Phantom TE2010, your compact yet mighty ally in realizing a staggering 20 GPX/s imaging. This tool becomes indispensable for industrial, material, and scientific motion analyses, especially in environments where light is a premium.

Experience the sublime harmony of exceptional quality and speed, provided by a custom Backside Illuminated (BSI) sensor and a max resolution of 1280 x 832, with comprehensive binned modes to cater to a spectrum of imaging needs.

Navigate through an epoch of high-speed imaging, where frame rates soar up to 1M fps with our specialized FAST option*, and select between the TE2010 models that provide frame rates up to 1,080,000 fps or 225,000 fps with the TE2010-K225.

Benefit from a swift and streamlined workflow as 10Gb Ethernet ensures rapid data downloads directly from RAM, and a combination of multi-Cine RAM partitioning, Image-based Auto Trigger (IBAT), and PCC’s continuous recording refines your workflow to be seamlessly automated.

Despite its compact stature, measuring just 5 x 5 x 6.7” and weighing 9.0 lbs, the Phantom TE2010 guarantees robust durability, resilient across diverse operating conditions and temperatures, ensuring your high-speed imaging remains uninterrupted.

Proudly manufactured in the USA and compliant with international standards, including CE and FCC, the TE2010 commits to aligning with global compliance and quality benchmarks.

Invest in the Phantom TE2010 – where supreme speed, impeccable imaging quality, and a suite of premium features unite to capture every pivotal moment with unparalleled clarity and detail.


Navigating through the demanding terrains of industrial reliability testing, scientific motion analysis, and material development, the TE2010 camera stands out by delivering ultrahigh-speed frame rates, premium connectivity, and advanced features, all bundled at a competitive price point. The device particularly shines in challenging lighting conditions, thanks to its custom backside-illuminated (BSI) sensor, which ensures remarkable image quality even when light is scarce.

Premium Features Unleash Versatile Applications

  • EDR (Extreme Dynamic Range): Specifically tailored for ballistic studies, the EDR feature adeptly manages flash mitigation by dynamically adjusting exposure in the image’s saturated areas, ensuring clarity and precision in rapid motion capture.

  • Programmable I/O: An interface capable of engaging with DAQ systems and various measurement sensors. Additionally, recorded data can be viewed as metadata in Cine files, enhancing the detail and informational depth available in recordings.

  • Automated Workflow Capability: The TE2010 supports a fully automated workflow by harnessing the power of Image-based auto-trigger (IBAT), multi-Cine partitions, and Continuous Recording in PCC. This facilitates streamlined operations and efficient data management and retrieval.

Key Features Exemplifying Innovation

  1. Binning Mode: This feature promises a frame rate boost, notably at 640 x 384 and below, ensuring smoother and more detailed motion analysis at reduced resolutions.

  2. Robust Connectivity: With SDI and micro HDMI video outputs, the TE2010 assures that high-quality video transmission is maintained, providing users with versatile connectivity options.

  3. Programmable I/O: Users have the freedom to assign and define camera signals, enabling them to tailor the camera’s operations to specific applications and requirements.

  4. 10Gb Ethernet Standard: This inclusion ensures rapid data transmission, allowing users to quickly access and analyze the high-speed images recorded by the camera.

In essence, the TE2010 emerges as a comprehensive tool for professionals in varied fields, promising not only unparalleled speed and image quality but also a suite of features that allow for flexibility, accurate data capture, and seamless workflow automation.

FPS and Resolution in Standard Mode

Resolution 1280 x 832 768 x 768 1024 x 384 768 x 128 512 x 32 512 x 32*
FPS 19.210 34.060 51.180 196.360 469.560 1.080.000

FPS and Resolution in Binned Mode

Resolution 640 x 384 512 x 384 640 x 128 384 x 64 256 x 64 256 x 64*
FPS 81.810 100.930 234.780 385.710 469.560 1.080.000
* with FAST Option.