Phantom UV Extended Cameras

The Phantom T3610, T2410 and the TMX High-Speed cameras (TMX 7510 / 6410 / 5010) are available in a special variant, that allows the cameras to capture events in the ultraviolet light (UV) spectrum.


The Phantom T3610, T2410 and the TMX High-Speed cameras (TMX 7510 / 6410 / 5010) are available in a special variant that allows the cameras to capture events in the ultraviolet light (UV) spectrum, down to 250nm, with over 70% QE at 300 nm. Truly “Extended range” cameras, they also operate in the visible and near-Infrared (NIR) spectrums, with performance similar to the standard monochrome cameras. They provide the same frame rates, resolutions, modes, Phantom Features and FAST options as their standard model counterparts, with the additional benefit of UV capability.


Phantom UV cameras bring significant capability to applications such as: 

  • Combustion efficiency 

  • OH* Chemiluminescence 

What will the UV image look like?

This comparison of a candle flame was taken without additional light: 


Events with stronger signals can have a significantly lower exposure time.


What additional equipment is needed?

Phantom UV cameras require just a UV lens and the wavelength band filter for your application.  If more signal is needed, the cameras can also connect to an intensifier or be used in conjunction with a laser.

Phantom UV cameras also accept standard lenses for applications in the visible light spectrum.


Can the FAST option be applied to the UV cameras? 

Yes, the UV cameras may have the FAST option. Please note that the FAST option is export controlled. 


Are Phantom UV cameras available in color? 

Unfortunately, no. Phantom UV cameras are available only in monochrome.





  • High-Performance UV Imaging: Phantom High-Speed’s UV-Extended Cameras boast an impressive quantum efficiency of over 70% at 300nm, making them exceptionally effective in capturing ultraviolet events with unmatched clarity and precision. This high sensitivity allows for detailed imaging in various UV applications, critical for military operations.

  • Versatile Applications: These cameras are specifically designed for use in demanding airborne military environments, such as fighter jets, helicopters, and other military aircraft. Their robust construction and advanced features provide critical imaging support for a range of defense operations, including surveillance, reconnaissance, and target analysis.

  • High Frame Rates: Capable of capturing up to 76,000 frames per second at full resolution, and over 1,750,000 frames per second with the FAST option, Phantom UV cameras ensure that no detail is missed during high-speed events. This capability is essential for analyzing rapid phenomena and capturing fleeting moments with high precision.

  • Robust Data Management: Equipped with up to 512GB of memory, these cameras can be partitioned for multiple experiments, allowing for extensive data collection and analysis. The high-speed data transfer facilitated by 10Gb Ethernet ensures that large amounts of data can be downloaded quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and improving workflow efficiency.

  • Dual Purpose Sensors: In addition to their superior performance in UV wavelengths, Phantom UV cameras offer similar quantum efficiency in visible and near-IR wavelengths. This dual-purpose capability makes them versatile tools for a wide range of imaging applications, from UV-specific studies to broader light spectrum analysis.

  • Flexible Workflow Options: The cameras feature convenient on-camera controls and CineMag compatibility, allowing for complete standalone operation. This flexibility eliminates the need for additional computing resources in the field, making them ideal for mobile and airborne setups where space and weight are at a premium.

  • Compact and Efficient Design: Both the T-Series and TMX-Series cameras feature a compact housing and efficient I/O connectivity, designed to fit seamlessly into airborne environments. Their small footprint and lightweight design make them easy to integrate into various military aircraft without compromising performance.

  • Durable and Reliable Construction: Built to withstand extreme conditions, Phantom UV cameras are designed to endure high operational shock and vibration, adhering to MIL-STD standards. They operate effectively in a wide temperature range, ensuring reliable performance in harsh airborne environments.

  • High-Speed Data Transfer: The inclusion of 10Gb Ethernet allows for the fastest possible data download directly from the camera’s RAM buffer. This high-speed connectivity is crucial for handling the large data volumes generated by high-frame-rate imaging, ensuring that data is quickly and efficiently transferred for analysis.

  • Advanced Imaging Features: Phantom UV cameras come with a suite of advanced imaging features, including Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR) and Auto-Exposure. These features enhance the quality of captured images, providing better detail and contrast, which are essential for thorough analysis and interpretation of high-speed events.

FPS and Resolution in Standard Mode

Model T2410-UV T3610-UV TMX 5010-UV TMX 6410-UV TMX 7510-UV
FPS at 1 Mpx 24.270 38.040 50.725 65.940 76.000
Maximum FPS (Without FAST) 525.000 525.000 583.330 736.280 744.670
Memory (GB) 64, 128, 256 64, 128, 256 128, 256, 512 128, 256, 512 128, 256, 512