Phantom VEO 710

The Phantom VEO 710 captures images at 7,400 fps with a 1-Mpx 35mm sensor for high-quality acquisition. L/S models available - S model adds durability and flexibility with various options. Robust aluminum housing for reliability in harsh conditions.


Leading-Edge Imaging with VEO 710

Experience the forefront of imaging possibilities with the VEO 710, a camera that sets the bar high. Featuring an exceptional 1-Mpx 35mm sensor, it establishes an unmatched standard for image acquisition quality. The sensor’s larger pixels translate into heightened relative sensitivity, seamlessly aligning with the exceptional performance of premium lenses, including the revered 35mm Nikon and Canon.

Tailored Models for Diverse Needs

The VEO body offers a range of tailored models to suit diverse preferences and requirements. Choose between two distinctive variants:

  1. L-Model: Essential Imaging The L (light) model finds its place in settings like laboratories and offices, offering essential software-based imaging without the need for specialized features. It’s an ideal choice for applications where simplicity meets functionality.

  2. S-Model: Elevating Capabilities Step into a realm of advanced capabilities with the S (full) model. It introduces a wealth of enhancements to bolster durability and flexibility, including additional signals, on-camera controls, secure locking ruggedized connectors, and removable CFast 2.0 storage media. This model opens doors to remote or range-based applications without compromising acquisition parameters.

Seamless Integration and Robust Protection

Continuing the legacy of Phantom VEO cameras, the VEO 710 embodies an iconic design characterized by compactness and high-quality housing. Constructed from robust aluminum and fortified with sealed electronics, the body acts as an impregnable shield against dust and sand. This robust protection ensures uncompromising reliability, even in the face of the harshest outdoor conditions.


  • Max speed at full resolution of 1280 x 800 is 7400 fps

  • Max speed at reduced resolution of 64 x 8 is 680,000 fps (standard), 1,000,000 fps (requires export controlled FAST option)

  • Sensitivity: Quantum Efficiency*

    • Mono: 33.9%

    • Color: 29.5%

  • 18, 36 or 72GB RAM

  • SDI and HDMI video outputs

  • S-Model Includes:

    • CFast 2.0 media

    • 12V battery input

    • On-camera controls

  • Programmable I/O – define camera signals

  • 10Gb Ethernet Option

  • Cine Raw file format

FPS and Resolution

Resolution 1280 x 800 1280 x 720 1024 x 768 768 x 480 640 x 480 512 x 512 64 x 8 64 x 8*
FPS 7.500 8.300 9.500 19.200 22.300 24.800 700.000 1.000.000
*FAST Option, export controlled